Spam Filters and False-Positives

Using spam filters most emails are subject to at least one spam scan by the Internet Service Providers (ISP's). Many will have two or three scans at different stages of delivery. The consequence of this is that there is more chance of losing important emails (false-positives).

Many ISP's will filter out mail before it gets to the customer so the customer has no idea what emails were eliminated. Nothing is in their spam box to check, they cannot go back and look because there is nothing there to see. It was eliminated prior to sorting. Low level spam is often allowed to get through but it is held in the spam box while spam using modern decoys will nearly always get through, every time, all the time.

To check out if your ISP has hyperactive filters send yourself a CashRamSpam email, this is free to do. CashRamSpam account holders can send CashRamSpam emails to any non-CashRamSpam accounts BUT the recipient can only reply if….

  • The receiver knows that they had an email sent from a CashRamSpam account holder and
  • They use the CashRamSpam emailer to reply.

If your CashRamSpam email does NOT get through to your inbox check your spam box. If your spam box has no CashRamSpam email then you are losing emails without ever knowing about them.

Only CashRamSpam never has false-positives.


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