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Attention Business Customers

CashRamSpam wants to help you promote your business through your website like its never been done before.

Over the last few years many small and not so small businesses have put up wonderful websites which unfortunately are rarely visited. For all the gloss and hype some are lucky to get 5 visitors a day or even a week. Even so, medium to large companies must have these websites because they are essential credentials for their more savvy customers.

It is almost a maxim that if a business doesn't have a website that advertises not only their products and also lists their personnel and their contact email addresses and phones, then it isn't a serious business. But few of these websites are very important to the actual running of the business. Fewer people stay awake thinking much about that site once it has been put up onto the web. That's because unless you already know about that company there is no compelling reason at the moment to look at their website. Until now!

CashRamSpam has a unique approach to getting more hits to our business customer's websites. We have set it up so now you the business people can pay potential customers in real gold as well as regular currency to visit your websites and you do this by using your CashRamSpam account to transfer the amounts of money you have agreed to pay them for visiting you and reading about your products.

Plus with CashRamSpam you can see exactly who has paid you a visit by looking at their GreenPages demographics and also now you can legally contact them through paying email, SMS, MMS and even 3G and without ever having to know their phone number

You can also regulate who visits your website for payment to just local people or everyone in your state or any country in the world or even just specialist customers. You can limit how many times they can receive payment for visiting from once a day to once a year, or whatever you decide. You can even put up a budget so that once it all runs out, that's it, no more payments. This is advertising in its most basic form. You pay them to learn about you.

And not only that but customers can pay you in gold or whatever currency you require using the CashRamSpam micro payment system. CashRamSpam payment system is probably the Worlds first micro payments money transaction system to be used on the Internet. You can sell any goods online upwards from 1 milligram of gold (Gg0.001) (about US2.5 cents) or 1 AUS cent and without having to use credit card facilities. To set your site up so that you can receive money using CashRamSpam micro payment just download the software found in the Gold Pages and set it up on your web site up so you can receive money for your goods from CashRamSpam account holders by them clicking on the micro payment icon and filling in their ID and Password. The money they spend goes straight from their CashRamSpam account into your CashRamSpam account minus 10%. To get your payout from CashRamSpam just click on the 'Payment' in the 'Contact Us' inside your account.

With a CashRamSpam account you currently have 3 options:

1  -   Just put your website URL link for everyone to have look at along with the list of your company representatives CashRamSpam email addresses. No money involved.

2  -   If you want you can pay your customers in gold or currency for looking at your web site and maybe even answering a few questions.

3  -   Set up your web site with CashRamSpam micro payment so you can sell from your web site without having to set up credit card facilities and you also can get paid in gold if you prefer.

Again, we take 10% of whatever sales you have, the same as with CashRamSpam emails.

See Gold Pages example of how a business directory looks.

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