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Welcome to CashRamSpam

For ordinary email systems the Spam Wars is over.

Spam won!

For CashRamSpam there never was a war.

CashRamSpam stops all incoming free spam and in the process it pays you real money in one of the world's most stable currency, Aussie dollars. And the best part is you decide how much they pay you.

So how does this work?
Simply simple. All email sent to you at your CashRamSpam account includes the amount of money you have said you require for receiving email. In your email account settings you decide that figure. We automatically set your Flag Rate at 1 cent (about. 0.7 US cents) but you can change it anytime to what you want.

But why would they bother?
Because it's important to them to know you are getting their message, that's why. If you don't read their message within 5 days it is sent back to them, along with the payment meant for you, minus the delivery charge. Many people will pay you just to know you have read their email and you don't have to reply unless you want to but if you do then you will have to send them the money they require to read your message. But remember, you are just sending them back some of the money they sent you in the first place.

So how much does it cost?
It cost nothing to join up plus you can make money by receiving emails that pay you what you want. Also using CashRamSpam it becomes easy to open a business on the Internet selling any goods valued from 1 cent upwards using our free micro payment software. Also you can advertise on our speed selling CashRamSell using the money in your CashRamSpam account to pay for your advertisiment.

On CashRamRadio you can freely upload any music or writings etc. that you have created yourself and get paid for your talent --plus you have probably the best piracy protection available anywhere with our CashRamSplit encrypting program. Here customers can also be paid to listen or read your work for the first time. Also as they only pay pro rata for what they see or hear then your work has to be good to get the cash.

At CashRamFoto you can build your family tree and add all the matching photos and family history while allowing visitors to contribute or not. As it gets larger you'll be able to link with other families through your common ancestors.

On CashRamHomeLearn you can test yours and your family's mental arithmetic and also allow young learners to earn real money for getting the answers right. Nothing helps people learn math faster than counting their own real money, and that's what CashRamSpams money really is, real money.

Got a good idea? Then register it here at CashRamPatent and have it critiqued by the rest of the world. If it stands up to scrutiny then you will have the opportunity of having lots of companies pay you for the right to market your idea. Having more than one company involved promotes competition and competition promotes wealth for everyone. Expect to receive about 10% of any profit made and CashRamSpam gets 10% of that for facilitating your wealth. Don't worry about thieves. We'll sort them out.

Last but not least you will hopefully soon be able to watch any TV from around the world and amazingly get paid to do so with the revolutionary CashRamTV. Instead of the advertisers paying the producers here at CashRamTV you pay the producers and the advertisers pay you for watching.

And in the meantime you still have your paying spam free email system. And don't forget extra money can be made from reading the advertisers 'Paying Promotions" in the Gold Pages.

So how does CashRamSpam make their money?
We charge the receiver 10% of whatever they receive. So if you set your flag at 4 cents to receive email then when it arrives and you click the payment button we credit your account with 3.6 cents and we keep 0.4 cents.

Besides the money what am I getting out of this?
The annoying spammers disappear and become paying advertisers while you become the owner of the world's first 'advertiser funded' micro payment system on the Internet, plus many other things. If you're serious about stopping spam getting to your computer then this is probably the closest you are ever going to get.

What are the advantages for companies with CashRamSpam accounts?
Many companies lose money because of spam. To delete all the spam that arrives at their employee's computers takes time and therefore costs money, in 2007 this was estimated to be over $12 billion in the US alone. CashRamSpam is perfect for these companies. At a minimal cost CashRamSpam gives them back a working email system and with optional encryption can make emailing even more secure. No worrying about dangerous spam filters to cause havoc by losing important messages.

What can companies do to make sure their customers emails get past their spam filters?
All businesses should have a CashRamSpam email address for those customers worried that their emails could be blocked by spam filters. With CashRamSpam all your incoming CashRamSpam emails are important so it is wise to use CashRamSpam's optional SMS email forwarding to a cell/mobile phone located in your office. And to make doubly sure that the message gets through CashRamSpam can also forward incoming CashRamSpam emails to any other email address. Just activate these services in your preferences.

How will I ever make any money out of this if when I send email I have to pay?
When you open a CashRamSpam account you have the option to fill in as much of your personal or corporate details as you choose though you don't even have to give your name if you don't want. Any information given is kept secret except what you post in the Green Pages personal/corporate questionnaire for all CashRamSpam account holders to see. The Green Pages lets paying emailers know your CashRamSpam address and flag rate and whatever else you want them to know about yourself or your company. All this information might be attractive to anyone from advertisers to customers to potential friends, depending on the amount of information you divulge. Don't forget, they will all be paying you to receive the emails that they send you.

So who's going to pay to send me email?
Anybody who needs you to read their message, that's who.

Are there any other ways to earn money in CashRamSpam?
Just fill in the Green pages and wait for the advertisers to contact you .

I receive daily, weekly, monthly news letters in my old system, how can I receive them in CashRamSpam?
The transition to having all your news letters sent to your CashRamSpam account will unfortunately take time. CashRamSpam account holders are participating in an email revolution. The old system was always going to fail simply because it was too open. In the business world, unless we pay for something the service we get is usually mediocre. So for the time being you can't get those news letters unless you get the senders to use CashRamSpam to send them to you or you remember to regularly go to their website. Once enough people are asking for this service then these producers will have to provide it and in the mean time your CashRamSpam email system will have stayed 100% clean. So it becomes important to give them your CashRamSpam address and let their news letters bounce because that tells them their failure rate and they will eventually have to change to suit the customers, but don't forget to periodically visit their web sites while you are waiting.

CashRamSpam is in the same position as fax machines when they first arrived. Hardly any one bought a fax machine because no one else had one until those with foresight could see their future importance to commerce and communication.

Besides paying for email delivery, what can I do with the money in my account?
You will be able to spend it anywhere on the Internet on whatever you want as long as the seller of goods or services also has a CashRamSpam account. Now you can buy their goods using the CashRamSpam micro payment system. Over the next few months we hope to be offering CashRamSpam clients many opportunities to use their CashRamSpam money. We want you to enjoy spending your cash on the Internet like you haven't been able to do so before and without having to use a credit card.

Already CashRamFoto, CashRamSell, CashRamRadio and CashRamHomeLearn are already on line for these purposes. Soon CashRamTV will join them. Check out the links from the CashRamSpam home page.

Where will I find these sellers?
As they sign up they are posted with their products and services in our Gold Pages found inside your CashRamSpam account.

What sort of services can they offer?
Lots of things from music tracks to reading magazines or newspaper articles. Already it is possible to use the CashRamSpam micro payment system to listen to a music track and download single tracks using your CashRamSpam money. Saves having to buy the whole magazine or CD, though you can do that as well. Also with CashRamRadio writers can upload their books or essays and receive payment every time someone reads a chapter or downloads the whole manuscript. Musicians can upload their demo tapes for anyone to hear or buy. Again CashRamSpam account holders can use the money in their account to make these purchases or they can use a credit card to increase the balance in their CashRamSpam account.

If I want to cash in my account what do I have to do?
Account holders will be able to cash in amounts of $55.05 and above excluding the 5 cents we gave them with the 'Welcome' letter to get them started. So you have to have at least that amount in your account and then we will send you your cash by snailmail minus handling charges or directly into a credit card of your choice using the equivalent amount in a currency of your choice. There will also be a flat $5 processing fee from us which we charge to your remaining account when you send the payment email, so make sure you have a least $55.05 in your account before you sent that email. To deter fraudsters no repayments will be processed automatically. Please allow up to 2 weeks to process your refund until we know you well. We have to be sure no stolen credit cards have been used.

So when you want a payment click on the payment address in the 'Contact Us' and we will get the process underway within 24 hours. You will need to enter your address in your Preferences form if you want payment in CashRamGold certificates with inlayed gold of the amount required or just fill in your credit card details for direct payments in a currency of your choice. All payments will be made in Australian dollars which your bank will automatically change to you local currency.

How do I charge up my CashRamSpam account?
Press the Recharge button inside your account page and use your credit card or alternatively increase/reduce your flag rate or fill in the Green Pages information to attract more advertisers. CashRamSpam was designed to let advertisers help pay the bills of the CashRamSpam account holders so give them a chance to do just that by telling them all about yourselves.

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