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Welcome to CashRamSpam

CashRamSpam collects for you the amount of money that you decide you require to read email sent to you at your CashRamSpam address. If all you want to do is stop spam, then have a flag rate of around 5 cents and don't publicize your CashRamSpam address at all. But if you want to earn money from advertisers and others then you should fill in as best you can your personal or corporate details by answering the questions in the Green Pages and setting your flag rate of your account at the amount you want to receive CashRamSpam emails.

Here's an example. Suppose you are the head of a major corporation or even a movie star. At the moment almost no one outside of your organization or group can contact you directly. But if you had a CashRamSpam account you can set your flag rate at whatever price you want, say $100 and allow yourself to receive unsolicited email from anyone as long as they pay you the $100. You don't have to respond if you don't want to. If you liked the message they sent you then you could always send back the $100 in your reply. Remember, if you don't read the message within 5 days it is sent back to the sender, minus the 10% delivery charge.

Stop spammers forever unless they pay you the amount you want to receive their messages. You decide the price of your flag from AUS 1 cent upwards.

CashRamSpam is your spam stopping emailer. Everyone must pay when they send an email to any CashRamSpam account otherwise it doesn't get read. The receiver is debited 10% of whatever they receive from the sender. All email to non-CashRamSpam email addresses is free because they all carry your message inviting other's to join up.

How can someone reply to my CashRamSpam email if they don't have a CashRamSpam account?
There are only two ways:

1. They can open a CashRamSpam account.

2. You can open an account for them and send it off as a gift when you next send them an email.

Can companies include their name in their CashRamSpam address?
Yes they can. What they have to do is to make sure when opening an account and listing their User ID not to forget to include their company name or initials, e.g. John Milton working at Proto Pty could write JohnMilton_ProtoPty@CashRamSpam.com . Similarly Jane Yates, CEO at Commonwealth Computing Machines could write; janeyatesCeoCCM@cashramspam.com as her User ID. The User ID maximum is 32 characters. The CashRamSpam domain name @cashramspam.com instantly identifies the owner as having the protection of a paying email system.

The Spam Wars are over, spam won! When fighting spam all companies are fighting something that has more heads than the Hydra. Only a paying email system can stop spam and CashRamSpam is actually cheaper than supposedly free email systems with their dangerous filters and 'false positives', especially when you add up all the down time and other costs the supposed free systems create. Nobody can stop the free spammers except by turning them into paying advertisers. Email is possibly the best advertising venue known since television. Spammers are mainly business people trying to win their market share. With CashRamSpam and the demographic search capabilities of the Green Pages, any company can now use emails to target sell their product any where in the world, and probably at a price much less than the cost of a huge spam send out and without breaking the anti spam laws.

Do I pay extra for uploading large files?
You will be charged 5 cents for each subsequent 100 kilobyte or part thereof over the first 100 kilobyte that is uploaded with a huge maximum of 50 megabytes allowed. After that nothing is charged to actually send the message.

What storage capacity comes with each account?
Each account has 20meg. If you require more you can purchase it at AU$5 per meg, which is a one off charge, not yearly. So instead of purchasing more space just download your emails to your own computer which is the safest place to keep your important messages.

What security has each message?
CashRamSpam is situated inside a server and does not go on the Internet as such unless you send a CashRamSpam email to a non CashRamSpam address. This reduces the chance of unwanted interference. Also when you send an email to a CashRamSpam address from a CashRamSpam account you are still inside the same servers. If you want you can also easily encrypt your message.

Can the police read my encrypted messages?
Our servers are located in Australia so all activities come under Australian laws. If the law allows the police to read the messages then they will read the messages but they would need an encryption key and if you have passed that on to the recipient without using CashRamSpam then we and the police can never know it.

Do I have to use my own computer to read or send CashRamSpam emails?
No, you can use any on-line computer anywhere. It's a totally mobile system. Just go to cashramspam.com and log in but don't forget to log out.

Can I have my email messages SMS texted to my cell/mobile phone?
Yes. Account holders can have the first 126 characters of their CashRamSpam emails SMS forwarded to their mobile for AU25 cents per email, just go into preferences to activate. They can also SMS a regular message to any mobile anywhere in the world for the same price.

Will advertisers be able to contact me on my mobile/cell phone?
If you want you can click 'yes' in your Preferences to enable them to send you text messages and they will never know your phone number unless you tell them. They will be paying the phone bill to send you the SMS/MMS/3G video message plus they will be paying you your flag rate as well. If your cell/mobile network provider charges you to receive calls then maybe it is time to change your network provider.

For MMS or 3G paid video messages advertisers will need to contact sales@cashramspam.com first to make arrangements about sending these type of advertisements.

Home phone Telemarketer's can just send you a paying email and arrange for you to call them toll free. After that what they pay you is between you and them and the payment can easily be made into your CashRamSpam account simply by them changing your flag rate that is showing in their send box, to the agreed amount. Once the sales pitch is almost finished they can email you the payment while you are still talking, so it can be verbally confirmed. It costs them money to phone up and contact people. This way if the customer is already agreeable to be interviewed and they have the customers demographics from the Green Pages, then this should save them a fortune and help stop the anger they seem to generate. But you have to let them know lots about you and you can only do that by filling in the questions in the Green Pages. Stupid or unrealistic answers will only turn advertisers off.

Can I download my messages to my computer?
Sure, just click the 'download' on your inbox page.

What happens to my account if I don't use it?
Nothing, it just sits there waiting for you to return.

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