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Welcome to CashRamSpam

CashRamSpam Goes Gold and Silver!!
                              But why?

January 2009.

The world's monetary systems based on the US dollar are about to enter the dark world of Chaos.

Apparently armies of government servants cannot come up with a solution to the collapse of their fiat currency systems. All are running around pulling out their collective hair because basically they are trying to save their own jobs, and because they have access to the true financial figures they can probably see the darkness inside the looming abyss. Chaos awaits us all but the truth is that those closest to government will be the last to be sucked into the vortex simply because governments are there primarily to look after governments. But they will get sucked in.

Unless of course...they allow us to go back to using gold and silver as money. According to the amazing Professor Antal Fekete this can only happen if the Mints of the world are again opened to allow the peoples gold and silver to be made into money, for free. Only this can stop the total collapse of our crashing economies. But the chances of this happening are remote because all government economists are either Friedmanites or Keynesians, which is why we are facing this calamity.

The other truth is that the world's monetary crisis is really a gold crisis and the gold crisis is probably a children crisis. The world has used gold as its money for over 3000 years and there is a simple reason for that. Women find gold attractive. Trinkets made from gold are called jewelry, a word which comes from the Latin for 'plaything'. Having fun with playful women produces the most valued commodity there is, children. And there is probably nothing happier than a woman with her babies. And if a man wants to keep his wife happy he has to be able to make her feel secure. Gold is the best security ever.

Probably nothing is more important than being a parent. If you are not a parent sometime in your life then your genetic sequences come to an abrupt stop, losing over a million people who are riding with you on your journey through time. At the moment all the world's technically advanced populations are in an unnatural dive which might well be terminal. And the basic reason is probably because gold is no longer the world's money.

When gold is used as money it limits the size of governments, which they don't like. All large governments are Socialist by nature. Regardless what people have been told, the modern world has never tried Capitalism, only Socialism. Socialism can only function with paper money which always collapses. True Capitalism works only with gold and silver as money and goes on forever.

Governments can print as much paper money as they like but that money is always only bits of painted paper and each time they print more paper it makes all those existing bits of paper out there lose even more value. This is government theft of our money by using inflation. All inflation is caused by governments printing too many banknotes and banks producing money out of thin air every time some one asks for a loan. Gold has to be dug up. Gold has the value of the cost to find and refine and bring into the market place. Usually it is somewhere around US$300 a troy ounce (31.1 grams). Paper money is just bits of paper. Always.

Governments cannot make gold. Only profit makes gold and all governments restrict profit making by placing their rules and restrictions on profitable productions. Most of us believe we must have rules otherwise there would be anarchy and everything will collapse. Well guess what? Everything is collapsing even with all the massive control systems in place and the millions of rules we are forced to abide by.

There is a natural law that looks after profit and loss. It's called the market place. And the fewer rules there are then the greater the profit becomes and the more wealth is created, as is the amount of jobs we get to choose from. And the more wealth we make the more babies we can have. Since 1970 paper money world wide has lost over 95% of its value. Now a man needs his wife to work just so they can live in a modest house. Not enough money or time is left to allow them to have enough children to keep the population level. Governments stole their money through inflation over the last 72 years. First when FDR stole all the people's gold in 1933 and then when Nixon reneged on its international gold obligations under the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1971.

Less money means fewer babies and lots of old people with no one to look after them...

Doomers and gloomers believe the world is already over populated but the truth is if everyone on the planet was moved to Texas then each family of 4 would have enough room to build a 2 story house. And don't let hubris let you forget that when the planet wants to lower its population it has many types of WMD's to choose from, just like the market place has when governments get too big. And what we are seeing with the credit crunch is one of them exploding right now.

CashRamSpam Goes Golden

To meet the coming monetary crisis CashRamSpam leads the way. CashRamSpam is probably the only self funded email based micro payment system on the Internet. We seed your email account with 5 Aussie cents to get you started which comes with your 'Welcome' letter. Also inside CashRamSpam Gold Pages there are Paying Promotions to help you earn even more money with which you can use to help buy gold and silver from us. Now it is up to you and all the sellers and buyers out there to create a viable gold and silver backed world wide economy using the CashRamSpam architecture, or any other company that comes along with a similar system. Just click on the Gold Pages and download the free micro payment software which allows the payment of goods and services in gold and silver.

So how do I get gold or silver into my CashRamSpam account?

At the moment you can use your credit card to purchase gold or silver through us to add to your CashRamSpam account. Minimum AUS$50 (US$35). This may take up to 3 days to finalize and the amount of gold or silver bought will be placed in your account at the time we purchase the gold or silver, minus 10% handling. These metals are bought and stored by us either at the Sydney bullion dealers or the Perth Mint so in the near future we can redeem it and pass it back to you in the form of CashRamGold. Otherwise we can cash it in for you and give you the money through a reverse payment to your credit card.

CashRamGold will be in the form of different sized clear and hard plastic coins with the actual gold or silver inside, starting from 1 milligram of gold and then 2 mg, 5 mg, 20 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg and finally 500 mg and with the weight and finess also printed and embossed on the plastic. Larger amounts of gold from 1 gram, 2g, 5g, 10g, are stuck between rectangular printed plastic sheets about bank note size with the weight and finess again stamped on the gold and printed and embossed on the plastic. Amounts from 25 grams, 50g, 100g, to 250g are in the form of thin flat rectangular gold bars encased in a transparent soft plastic casing as is the 1 kg bars. Silver will be similarly packaged once its value settles.

All weighing and finess testing and stamping and sealing of the casings will probably be done at the Perth Mint. None of this gold or silver is legal tender though what you use it for is really your business only.

Gold and silver prices change hourly mainly because the value of the US dollar is forever changing.

Credit Cards

Once the credit card system fails when the US dollar crashes then it will hopefully be possible for CashRamSpam customers to send their gold and silver to the Perth Mint C.O.D. (we pay the courier and later take the cost from the gold you send) and have the assay'd amount added to your CashRamSpam gold account or have it sent back to you as CashRamGold.

To cover our costs and profit taking,  CashRamSpam will receive 10% of the total cost of any CashRamGold issued. This includes storage charges at the Mint but not postage charges. Don't forget, Gold will become very valuable once the world's fiat paper money system fails. And it will. Just ask the only man who really knows, ProfessorFekete@cashramspam.com (Flag Rate $10) probably the world's greatest monetary scientist. Apparently only he knows what's really happening.

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