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The Terror of the Telemarketer's and SMS Spam.

Telemarketing is so annoying to most people that when the United States government opened a web site in where people could lodge their home phone numbers to stop the marketers calling them, (under threat of an US$11,000 fine), within twelve hours over 370,000 people had applied for this relief. Because there is now going to be a shortage of numbers for them to call, Telemarketers now need to know what numbers they can phone. CashRamSpam has set an option in Preferences where CashRamSpam account holders can click if they agree to accept phone calls from Telemarketers or receive SMS messages if the Telemarketer's pay you what you want to receive those calls. For Americans it doesn't matter if you have already registered at National Do Not Call Registry because this is an agreement between you and individual marketers and they are not phoning you and breaking the law, you are phoning them on their toll free number. In the Green Pages search engine it is possible to search for CashRamSpam account holders in specific world area's who will talk to the Telemarketer's or receive SMS messages. Because your telephone numbers are not listed in CashRamSpam for everyone to see then the Telemarketer's have to send you a CashRamSpam email with an invitation for you to contact them. After or before the conversation starts they can deposit into your CashRamSpam account the sum agreed, i.e., AU50 cents a minute or AU$1 for the whole call. CashRamSpam takes 10% from that deposit.

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