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But first an Eye Opener about the importance of advertising

At the moment most advertising is done through TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. This is called 'Blanket Advertising' and these four outlets probably show 90% of all advertisements produced. Most of these ads are generally food or other home products like washing powder, so there is widespread community interest. This form of advertising is not good for specialist products such as e.g. 'electric guitars' because not many people would be interested in joining a band. This is where 'Targeted Advertising' comes into its own. Advertisers gladly pay to show anyone their products but they will happily pay more to show someone who they think has a good chance of buying what they sell. This can be better achieved through 'Targeted Advertising' where they know there is a greater possibility of making a sale.

Without advertising most western type economies would fail. Advertising is extremely important to all of us. Because someone is selling something and people are buying what they are selling, then people are employed to make more of what is being sold. Unless that is happening we all go hungry. This is why sales people are the most important employed group in western type economies. Anybody can make some thing but unless someone sells it, no one gets paid. None of us would have a job if it wasn't for sales people being good at their job of selling.

TV, radio, newspapers and magazines are there to sell advertising. Entertaining the customer comes first only because unless the customer is entertained they are not going to look or listen to the ads. And without the advertising revenue they would all go out of business. They pay us to watch, listen and read about their advertiser's products, not in money but by giving us interesting things to watch, listen or read about, and while supplying all these things, they feed us the ads in between.

CashRamSpam makes a direct road to the advertisers, bypassing all the entertainment and the middle men. CashRamSpam will attract smaller local advertisers interested in 'Target Advertising', companies who don't normally advertise in main stream media. By giving your detailed information advertisers can target particular groups or even better, particular individuals. Don't forget, you don't have to buy their goods, the advertisers are willing to pay you just to read about their products. And also remember, your flag rate will do a lot to determine who sends you email but your answers to the questions will whet their interest, so they should pay what you ask.

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